Another Find

This goes with Yesterday’s post about Home Goods. While I was there I saw the lovely Pumpkin that would make a lovely centerpiece for the head table for a Fall Wedding.


Here it is in case you missed my post.


But I also spotted these sweet little coffee mugs. It would be great for the pre wedding breakfast with the Bride and her Squad.


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Halloween Inspiration for Wedding Decor or Gifts

I love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays. For some their ultimate Wedding isn’t the traditional one but one that celebrates Halloween. A Halloween Wedding offers so many options, from a costume gala to a crazy color pallet.

While Halloween is still more than a month a way for the couple that dreams of creating a spooktacular Wedding, now is the time to pick up, theme items for your celebration. Even if you can’t have it on Halloween maybe you’d like a bit of the macabre for your future celebration, if so, now is the time to pick up these items.

If you aren’t planning a Wedding then maybe you are just in search for the perfect gift for the Wedding or an Anniversary, I have a couple of things I spotted at my local Home Goods in Algonquin that might just be perfect. I hope they offer inspiration for your nuptials or just for a needed gift.






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Discounted Invitations

While I was at Michaels in Algonquin, IL it was brought to my attention that they had a large quantity, of invitation kits for Weddings on Clearance. So any Bride’s looking to cut some cost on their Wedding should check out their local Michaels. There were some other items that would be great for a Bride-to- be. I hope this info helps someone. Check out the pics below.



IMG_1201IMG_4683 2




Dauna performed a beautiful hand fasting wedding ceremony for my Fiancé and me. She wrote our ceremony with research she did on her own. We wanted simple and private and she made our day so much more. She provided us with a hand fasting cord with personal charms and a Beautiful Unity candle that we will cherish forever. She simply made our ceremony the Best! – Dawn Schinina